This Is Garbage!

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     The first thing I have to say is that I found the videos while I was trying to read annoying.  I had to keep going over and stopping them so that I could concentrate on the information that I had to read.  Nonetheless, I like the idea of the video being beside the text.  It's a cute way to inform your audience about a process that so many know so little about.  The recycling process was extremely short.  I was a little disappointed that there was not more information about recycling on there.  I would actually like to see what happens to the recyclables in the factory and how the plastic comes to be reused.

     I thought the links were fun though because I felt like I was on a bit of an adventure.  I wondered where I would go next.  If I were the webmaster of this website I'd add more.  I think this seems like a good start to a very informative site but I would like to see more information, more links.  They have to have more statistics for those who are interested to look at.  Maybe they could have a little expose like "The Day in the Life of a Waste manager" (I believe that's the pc term). 

     I will say that the website is convenient because so many of the departmental links have numbers and hours conveniently listed for all to see.  I've had problems in the past scouring websites for the hours and even contact info.

What did you think about the site?  Were the videos a good addition, a distraction, or a little bit of both?



Greta Carroll said:

Angela, I agree, it was a cute way to inform and I think they could have done more with the website than they did. They could have followed the recyclables to another factory where they are turned into a new product and showed us that process as well.

The entire time I was going through the presentation (other than being annoyed with the length of the videos), I just kept thinking what a great tool it would be in a classroom. It could just be the teacher in me, but this seems like the perfect type of thing to use in a middle school science class. It explains the process, is interactive (as you pointed at, which makes it seem more fun), and has video (which is very important for today’s kids who are used to videos and computers). However, as I mentioned on Kaitlin’s blog, I’m not entirely sure that I would qualify this as being news. Unless, there was some controversy going on about whether the recyclables were really being recycled or how they were being recycled or something. It might be too educational and too little news.

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