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      I am more impressed with the webpage for the University of Virginia’s online newspaper called The Cavalier Daily.  I like how there are a lot of pictures on the top of the page and then distinct sections going down the page.  There is still a lot to try to take in like The Harvard Crimson.  However, it looks a lot better than Harvard’s online paper.  I like how the masthead isn’t hidden at the top like Harvard’s paper.  It’s more in the middle and is aesthetically pleasing.  I do feel the page is lacking pictures when you scroll down.  Too much text there.  I’d like to see graphics to accompany the story headlines.  I’d be more prone to click on something with a picture.  Other than that, it’s pretty good.  See what I had to say about Harvard's newspaper website.




Josie Rush said:

I completely agree about the lack of pictures below the fold. I commented on that in my blog, too. The pictures at the top worked well, and I think it's odd that they chose to just have text below (except for the image of the print addition, which is small and off to the side). I think that's a lesson this site could take from the Crimson, though overall, I have to agree that the Cavalier had a more user-friendly layout.

Derek T said:

I am impressed, too. As soon as I opened the web page, I saw color and bright images everywhere. It looked modern and impressive. It sure was not dull. I think that pictures, in any situation, appeal to a reader or viewer moreso than just text. I would probably give it a B+!

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