Too Much Freedom!?

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From Haiman’s Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists:


“In a 1999 survey sponsored by the First Amendment Center, 53% of Americans

said they believed the press has too much freedom,” (72).

Too much freedom?  How can one have too much freedom to say what’s on their minds?  If the government decided to take away some of our First Amendment rights, people would go nuts!  I guarantee at least 90% of the 53% would change their minds if this were to happen. 

It is the newspaper itself that should regulate what their reporters say.  If a reporter is unfair and the newspaper finds out about it, there should be harsh penalties.  The reporter should at least have to issue a public apology to whomever he/she deceived or represented unfairly.

When people start suggesting that our government take away rights it just shows that people don’t appreciate what they have.  I know I’m getting patriotic but we live in a country that permits us to write what we want.  Freedom isn’t free and we’ve had a lot of people pay the ultimate price to keep rights like freedom of the press.  What’s next?  Are these people going to start suggesting that we don’t write articles that critique the president?  Or that people can only write articles that are told from a republican point of view?  Or what if the government told people that they were going to take away our freedom to tell a lie?  I’d like to talk to this 53%.   I honestly don’t think these people thought this question over when they answered.

Is my anger justified?  Did anyone else get this feeling when they read this statistic?

Derek discusses freedom on his page as well.  Check it out!


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