How to Not Have a Massive Heart Attack During Finals Week

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It's that time again, everyone!  To steal a line from Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Only one week left until yet another semester is over.  Just one more hurdle to overcome, but this may just be the hardest week of them all: finals week.

How do get your work and studying done without going crazy?  Well, obviously it depends on the amount of work you have but here's a few tips to help get you through the week.

  1. Manage your time wisely.  If you have one final a day, study the night before.  Then look at it again before your test.  Go through all of the information, especially the important information that you are likely to see again.  The more times you see it, the more likely you are to remember it.  Do not try to cram one hour before the test.  That's how to have a nervous breakdown.
  2. Find a study technique that works for you.  If your teacher is nice enough to give you a study sheet, make sure you go through the terms/questions.  Make a copy of the blank sheet then write the answers on one of the sheets.  Fill out one sheet with the answers.  Then practice filling in the information on the other sheet.  Notecards really work for me.  Put the term/question on the front and the answers on the back.  Try writing on the cards in different colors so you don't get bored.  Also, there is a program called CueCard that allows you to digitally make your own flashcards.  It's easy and free!  If you don't have a study guide, go over the things the teacher stressed several times.  Read your notes again and again.
  3. If at all possible, get away from all distractions or at least put them away.  Don't have facebook on or the TV.  Tell your boyfriend/girlfriend not to text you for a few hours.  If you are more concentrated, you are more likely to retain the information and your studying will go faster.
  4. Take breaks!  Don't study for six hours straight.  You're going to kill your brain.  Take a breather and eat a snack or check your email.  Just remember how much time you want to spend on that break and stick to it.  Don't get into watching a movie and decide not to study.  You'll end up kicking yourself later if you do.
  5. Eat regular meals.  Don't skip meals to study.  Your body needs food to function, so you need to eat to be able to think.
  6. Try not to stress when going into a test.  Chew some peppermint gum to alleviate tension and stimulate your brain.  Take deep breaths.  Everything is going to be fine.

Good luck on your tests!



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