If there's water involved- it's probably religious

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In chapter 18 of How to Read Literature like a Professor,  Foster talks about water meaning baptism.

"..So what happens to make him a changed man?
Yes he gets wet. Now, his getting wet is different from Hagar's disastrous trip in the rain, in that he enters bodies of water. Rain can be restorative and cleansing, so there's a certain overlap, but it generally lacks the specific baptismal associations of submersion."

Though it goes along with my religion's traditions, I never related coming out of a body of water in literature to a baptism before, unless it was blatantly obvious. It is another point that Foster picked to make that I just didn't think about until I read it.

I, however, did pick up on the rain being a sort of cleansing to the character.
I think that the rain going with cleansing is obvious, because it washes the dirt off, etc, but I think saying that every time a character gets wet in a body of water it is related to awakening, being reborn, is a bit of a stretch.

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