In Forced Love?

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"YOUNG WOMAN. Tell me - (Words suddenly pouring out.)
Your skin oughtn't to curl - ought it - when he just comes near you - ought it? That's wrong, ain't it? You don't get over that, do you - ever, do you or do you? How is it, Ma - do you?

MOTHER. Do you what?

YOUNG WOMAN. Do you get used to, it - so after a while it doesn't matter? Or don't you? Does it always matter? You ought to be in love, oughtn't you, Ma? You must be in love, musn't you, Ma? That changes everything, doesn't it - or does it? Maybe if you just like a person it's all right - isn't it? When he puts a hand on me, my blood turns cold. But your blood oughtn't to run cold, ought it?..."

Mother, in this chapter, thinks that young woman is crazy. Her mother does not believe love is important, as long as you have a house over your head and a way to pay the bills. Maybe that is why her mother was married to her father. She didn't like the fact that her young woman was talking about love because she thought it is a ridiculous concept.
However, the young woman was coming to her mother about feeling uncomfortable with Jones. I think she should have given her some motherly support and instead of encouraging her to marry someone she doesn't love and finds repulsive, she could have said, 'stay away from him.. you're too young to be involved'

Then again, I am wondering how young this woman really is. If she is in her twenties, it was expected of her to get married, whether in love or not. However, if she is more of a teenager, I think her mother could have
However, we will never know that because that was not something the author thought was important and wanted us to know.

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