Beginning to Blog- Portfolio One

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Hi guys, my name is Angela Saffer. I am a Childhood Administration major with two ed degrees. Here is my portfolio one, including my progress thus far in American Literature with Dr. Jerz.

Until Gatsby was over, I was doing chapter-by-chapter blogs. Then, I realized, I wasn't necessarily doing it 'wrong,' but I was doing a lot more work than what was asked of us in the class. Here are some of the blogs that I have done thus far (since I have about 20, I figured I'd cut it down a bit);



Yes, you were being very thorough, but responding to a literary work so that you can participate in an in-class discussion is not quote the same thing as taking notes so you can pass a multiple-choice reading quiz. You're welcome to keep posting your reading notes on your blog, but the portfolio is designed to do what you did -- call attention to your best writing. Good job.

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