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"Much of what we think about literature, we feel first. Having instincts, though, doesn't automatically mean they work at their highest level. Dogs are instinctual swimmers, but not every pup hits the water understanding what to do with that instinct. Reading is like that, too. The more you exercise the symbolic imagination, the better and quicker that works." (Foster 106)

I like how Foster explains this quote. We all are taught (if we're lucky enough) to learn how to read, but we don't exactly know how to close read or analyze the text until we hit an understanding on how to do it within our literature classes.


Jennifer Prex said:

Close reading certainly does take time, patience, and practice. It doesn't come instantly. Even once we understand how to do it, it still takes practice.

Georgia Speer said:

After reading Angela’s and Jen’s response on this quote from page 106 in Foster chapter 12, this quote stuck out to me as well. "Much of what we think about literature, we feel first.” This I feel is me for sure, I know that I have trouble withdrawing my emotional gut response to things and that it seems almost hard not to let yourself feel that way. As learning the close reading and reading Foster’s chapters it made me feel that I needed to remove myself entirely from this, however as I read chapter 12 it struck me that we are not to remove it altogether but we have to also pay attention to other things and relate them as well. As on page 103, “Every reader’s experience of every work is unique, largely because each person will emphasize various elements to differing degrees, and those difference will cause certain features of the text to become more or less pronounced.” This statement I feel is very true, I know I have written about this that we all will take away something different, even when you read the same exact content.

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