Preachin' again

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In Chapter 16, Steinbeck's Characters Casy and Tom are alone yet again and we finally hear another time where Casy preaches, not necessarily religiously, but justice and common sense.

"'You're fixin' to make a speech," Tom said. "Well, go ahead. I like speeches. Warden used to make speeches all the time... What you tryin' to roll out?'
...'They's stuff goin' on and they's folks doin' things. Them people layin' one foot down in front of the other, like you says, they ain't thinkin' where they're goin', like you says--- but they're all layin' 'em down the same direction, jus' the same. An' if ya listen, you'll hear a movin', an' a sneakin', an' a rustlin', an'--an' a res'lessness..."

This shows that though Casy left his religious preaching career, he is still a preacher, 'once a preacher always a preacher. However, he is a preacher in a different kindof light. He is trying to get the people (Tom, in this case) to see what may come harder later, that everyone has the same idea, the same dream, so everyone may not be able to achieve it the way they believe they will.

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