Yearning for a New Life

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In chapter ten of The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck's character Casy explains his wants of a new lifestyle,

"'I ain't gonna baptize. I'm gonna work in the fiel's, in the green fiel's, an' I'm gonna be near to folks. I ain't gonna try to teach 'em nothin'. I'm gonna try to learn. Gonna learn why the folks walks in the grass, gonna hear 'em talk, gonna hear 'em sing.... His eyes were wet and shining. 'Gonna lay in the grass, open an' honest with anybody that'll have me...'" (Steinbeck, 82)

I thought that in the 30's when Steinbeck wrote this, people didn't want change. However, by creating this character who wants a life completely different from his own, we are taken aback. Casy wants to take his life a step down and feel what people (not preachers) feel. He wants to drop the whole preaching idea and start a new life as a- for lack of a better word- everyday person. he wants to feel what they feel, do what they do, and work how they work.

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