A Bit Young to have Children

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In Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth, the characters are truly more bazaar than any I have ever read about. In act I, a boy who is but 12 years old says,

"Telegraph boy: 'Thank you Mrs. Antrobus. Mrs. Antrobus, can I ask you something else? I have two sons of my own; if the cold gets worse, what should I do?'"

Not only did Wilder bring dinosaurs, and tons of biblical illusions into his book, but a twelve year old has two children?

I believe this just sets the stage for the rest of the play being as far fetched and out-there as it is, and as I read on, my mind didn't change.

However, the fact that Selena was the maid, quit, and then met Mr. Antrobus and swooned over him so he cheated on his wife, kindof unsettled me. I couldn't tell if it was a flashback (because of the pageant,) or if that is really what Wilder made happen after she left her job.

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