A 'New and Improved' American Dream

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    This article was hard to understand and my mind jumping around wondering, what? while I read it, but I settled on these few quotes to analyze.

    "The flooding that climaxes the novel is thematically situated to provide maximum counterpoint to the drought which originally forced the Joads to migrate west... Their survival has come to depend on shelter from the elements rather than the elements themselves." (Cassuto)

    Cassuto points out here that the very thing they depended on (the water) turns on them when they migrate (when the flood hits) and they are forced to find shelter and their lives are theatened. He also says earlier in the article that, "Instead of abandoning the American Dream, the dream itself underwent and ideological shift."

     This is because in the 1920's, (When Gatsby was set,) the American dream was to have a white house, a nice family, a white-picket fence, the mother not having to work, oh and don't forget the dog. The family lived happily ever after. Now, (during The Grapes of Wrath, I mean,) the American dream is working. -Imagine that.

    Wait. Something sounds familiar. too familiar, doesn't it?.... we see that this is repeating itself as we enter our own recession in the twenty-first century. People are losing their jobs left and right. Even doctors are getting laid off. I'm just bringing this example to light because this is real.

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