Hearts in Gran Torino

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"Despite this nearly constant use of the last twenty-eight hundred years, the figure of the heart never overstays its welcome, because it always is welcome. Writers use it because we feel it..." (Foster 208)

Foster makes a very good point here. Even in action movies/books, we see that the heart is somehow involved, if even for a small amount of time.

In Clint Eastwood's new movie Gran Torino he plays Walt.

Walt is extremely prejudice against all races, until after his wife dies, he makes friends with his Hmong neighbors. He sticks up for them, helps Tao find work, and gets to the point where they are actually civil to one another. They become such good friends that him and Tao spend time together on a regular basis. When Tao is over one day, Walt coughs up blood (as he does many times in the movie.) How does this fit in? **Coughing up blood is a common sign of heart disease** Walt knows his time is short, and therefore risks his life to make his friends' lives better. other than a biblical illusion or two, (the fact that he sacrifices himself for them, and he is shown lying on the ground the same way Jesus was placed on the cross,) it takes a huge heart to sacrifice your own life for other peoples' lives.

What are some other books or movies that you have seen something like this happen?
Is it easy for you to pick the parts of them out?


April Minerd said:

In Blow we see the antihero George Jung loses his fiancée Barbra to cancer. Cancer isn’t heart disease, but in terms of love, Barbra would symbolize George’s heart. Also her death triggers the string of losses George goes on to experience throughout the movie. His final words of the film affirm his misfortune in love: “I've left pieces of my heart here and there. And now, there's almost not enough to stay alive.”

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