Peace Be With You

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"Around me the students move with faces frozen in solemn masks, and I seem to hear already voices mechanically raised in songs the visitors loved. (Loved? Demanded. Sung? Al ultimatum accepted and ritualized an allegiance recited for the peace it imparted, and for that perhaps loved. Loved as the defeated come to love the symbols of their conquerors. A gesture of acceptance, of terms laid down and reluctantly approved.)"

When we talked in Dr. Brennan's class about faith development, we discussed actually understanding the words in the prayers that we as Christians say. In the Christian faith, in fact, I know that a lot of members just mutter the words of the Hail Mary and The Lord's Prayer, not even thinking of the words that are included. However, when a priest speaks these words with great passion, or sings a church hymn with great passion and we as a congregation join in, we feel the energy coming from that priest. ultimately, we can tell if he means it, we can tell if he is passionate about it, and we can tell if he wants us to believe it or if he's just doing it because we have to. In this passage, though, it does not quite matter so much that they mean it, it matters the latter, that it brings peace to the congregation.

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