Rain Meaning Sadness as well as Hope

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"If you read a scene in which new life was coming into being, the rain outside would almost inevitably lead you (based on your previous reading) to a process of association in which you thought, or felt (since this really works as much as this visceral as at the intellectual level): rain-life-birth-promise-restoration-fertility-continuity. What, don't you always run that cycle when rain and new life are on the table?...But then there's Hemingway."

Foster explains that we must begin to recognize irony. We know from previous chapters that symbols can mean more than one thing. In this case that Foster mentions, Hemingway's character is in a state of despair and thus gets his parade rained on and is in a depressed state. However, this is not an unknown way to look at rain either, rain-sadness-depression-despair-hopelessness-death, etc.

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