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Blogging Portfolio II

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Well here we are two months later, and the time has flown by. Here I will present to you my work that I have done in the second part of the semester for American Literature.

includes all of the blogs I have done since portfolio I. I have posted all but one blog that we were assigned.
Preachin' Again
Hearts in Gran Torino
A Bit Young To Have Children
My Papa's "Waltz"
Daddy Daddy
Frost- One Upset Man
"New and Improved" American Dream
Peace Be With You
Rain Means Sadness and Hope
More Human- Less Invisible
Staying in the Now
Everything- but nothing- is sex
A Holy Glow

Here are all of the blogs I got done by Friday, noon, before the next class. This half of the semester was a little messier than the first half, as you can see.
Peace Be With You
Rain Means Sadness and Hope
A Bit Young To Have Children
Preachin' Again

This still proves to be my weak spot. Here is where I attempted to stir up some conversation, but still did not reply back before the book was done being discussed.
More Human- Less Invisible
Staying in the Now

Here are a few blogs that I went above and beyond with, not just putting a quote down and writing what I thought about it, but maybe comparing it to a movie.
Hearts in Gran Torino
My Papa's "Waltz"
Staying in the Now

Here are the blogs that I joined into a discussion with before class.
Chelsie Bitner on Resurrection Blues
Chelsie Bitner on Time Traveler's Wife
Jennifer Prex on the Future

Extra Effort
For our exercise four projects, Chelsie Bitner, Ashley Pascoe and I created Facebook pages for Brother Jack, The Invisible Man, and Tod Clfiton. We all joined them together in a group called "The Brotherhood"

We ran into a problem naming them, so we had to come up with names that sounded ¿real? instead of naming them 'Brother Jack' and 'Invisible Man'

Here are their facebook pages and the group:
Jack Broth as Brother Jack   
Narrator Man as Invisible Man  
Tod Clifton as himself
The Brotherhood 

a Holy glow

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the use of light and dark in this play is a huge amount of symbolism that would mean a whole lot if we were to see this in production. not only on the cover (because it is a book- not meant to be a book- but the glare makes a cross, which was not a mistake.)

the opening scene begins on the dark stage with Jeanine, a downplayed character until the second act, who feels that the only reason she is living is because this man, who is the son of 'God'-  not 'god' (because it seems that the playright made it a point to not capitalize when the non-believers said God.

Her belief in Him keeps her alive. Many times throughout the book, He changes his name, and it is noted that He never actually talks to anyone, and it seems that only people who believe really see him through a sort of light.



Everything is sex, but nothing is

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"Drives you crazy, doesn't it? When they're writing about other things, they really mean sex, and when they write about sex, they really mean something else. If they write about sex, and mean strictly sex, we have a word for that. Pornography."

How much more confusing can you get, Foster? Is Naked Lunch by Augusten Burroughs really considered porn? I think that when we're at the stage that we turn everything into a sexual innuendo, it can either be the best or the worst time to be reading literature. In one instance, we can see everything as representing sex, and since symbols can mean more than one thing, sometimes more than others we'll be right in some aspect, but this can also be over-kill and we will just be called peverts. In some cases, this will be rightfully so. It's just frustrating to no end that Foster will say, in essense, everything is sex, and then turn around and say nothing is.


Staying in the Now

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"...and we laugh, and laugh, and nothing can ever be sad, no one can be lost, or dead, or far away: right now we are here, and nothing can mar our perfection, or steal the joy of this perfect moment." (241)

There is somewhere in themselves, a love so strong that holds them together through all of the rough times and even over time periods, and simple times like these keep them together. a little later in the book Henry is explaining to the doctor how the present is just pulling at him because they have such a strong bond that is keeping them here. When they begin to fight, that force seems to let him go, but when their lives are perfect it just seems like nothing can go wrong and it keeps him in the present with her.

throughout the book, one thing that bothers me is that it skips these mass amounts of time and I feel like I am missing out on so much. another thing that is odd is that they miss out on so much with each other and that he knows when people die. When people are asked, 'would you ever want to know when you would die?' some answer yes, because it would give them an idea of how much more fun they could have, they would be able to live like to the fullest more,  but more so than not, they answer no, because it would make them depressed.

it makes me think of the Bucket List, the men in the movie knew they only had a certain about of time to live, and lived it to the fullest instead of moping around.

More Human- Less Invisible

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"....becoming aware that there were two of me: the old self that slept a few hours a night and dreamed sometimes of my grandfather and Bledsoe and Brockway and Mary, the self that flew without wings and plunged from great heights; and the new public self that spoke for the Brotherhood and was becoming so much more important than the other that I seemed to run a foot race against myself..." (380)

This is one of many times in the novel that our narrator realizes he has changed so much.
The fight with Ras makes him reflect back to his fight in the first chapter of the novel, and every so often he becomes wary and asks himself if another person is going to steer him wrong again like he has been so many other times.

A bit earlier he says that he is becoming 'more human' and even shocks himself by saying this..

" 'More human'... Did I mean that I became less of what I was, less a Negro, or that I was becoming less a being apart... But this is all negative. To become less- in order to become more?"

in my opinion,  he naturally feels more accepted now, more human and less invisible because he is accepted by the people.

Other Thoughts

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