Everything is sex, but nothing is

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"Drives you crazy, doesn't it? When they're writing about other things, they really mean sex, and when they write about sex, they really mean something else. If they write about sex, and mean strictly sex, we have a word for that. Pornography."

How much more confusing can you get, Foster? Is Naked Lunch by Augusten Burroughs really considered porn? I think that when we're at the stage that we turn everything into a sexual innuendo, it can either be the best or the worst time to be reading literature. In one instance, we can see everything as representing sex, and since symbols can mean more than one thing, sometimes more than others we'll be right in some aspect, but this can also be over-kill and we will just be called peverts. In some cases, this will be rightfully so. It's just frustrating to no end that Foster will say, in essense, everything is sex, and then turn around and say nothing is.


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