death is kind

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“BECAUSE I could not stop for Death,    
He kindly stopped for me”

I liked this quote because it makes the speaker sound determined to live their life to the fullest. They are not afraid of death because death is “kind” to them. Some view death as a way of healing find peace with it. It’s very different to hear someone write about death in a nonchalant way.  She’s excepting of what lies ahead, but doesn’t let it stop her from living in the now.


Juliana Cox said:

Angelica, I am in total agreement. She is not afraid of death because when death does come he acts like a gentlemen towards her. He is kind, gentle ("We slowly drove, he knew no haste"), and polite ("civility"). I wish we could all live our lives to the fullest and not be afraid of when death is going to happen.

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