Dickinson's Influence

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Emily Dickinson

“Emily Dickinson had seen the ravages of the Civil War. She watched as many of Amherst’s finest young men returned home to a hero’s funeral” (31)

Having lived through the Civil, Emily Dickinson saw tragic things. This influenced her writing. “Victory Comes Late” may have been influenced by the death of a soldier. She wrote to let out her feelings. She questions god when she says, “I have read of Christ’s temptations”.

Our life experiences influences our writing greatly. There is less research to do, if you have lived through it. It also makes us more passionate writers.


Greta Carroll said:

Angelica, I thought the historical information provided about Dickinson was very interesting too. It gives new meaning to her first line: “Victory comes late.” Victory may have come, but think of all the death that came along with it. Knowing about Dickinson’s personal experience on the issue, give an even more touching quality to the poem.

Kaitlin Monier said:

I completely agree. It does seem as though all authors write according to the influences in their life, even if it isn't obvious what the influences are. Sometimes they are just small details put into a story or poem. Also, it does seem to make us more passionate writers when writing about something that occurred in our life because we can relate to it, and it seems to help us understand ourselves better.

Katie Vann said:

I really liked your comment. Its always easier to write about what you know and what you have already experienced. I think for our short story assignment in class most of used an experience we had and put it into story form.

Chelsea said:

I'm doing a report on Emily Dickinson. So you're saying that the only influence she had to write had to do with her being alive during the Civil War and seeing tragic things?

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