Geographic Importance

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"Geography can also, and frequently does, play quite a specific role in a literary work."

Geography can also, and frequently does, play quite a specific plot role in a literary work” (169). This is true; Geography plays a huge role in a literary work and not just as a setting. Geography allows the reader to picture what the characters look like and envision how they dress. It helps especially if there is a history behind the piece of literature or in the setting. Geography allows the reader to envision the environment and better understand the imagery of the piece.


Actually, making the quotation into your link is a good way of choosing meaningful words. It would be even more helpful if your blog entry mentioned Foster's name and the title of his book somewhere, but this actually works pretty well.

Can you think of a specific work in which geography plays a large part?

Ally Hall said:

I definitely agree with what you wrote. I remember a book I've read probably at least 5 times and in it, the characters are scuba diving in the Caribbean somewhere and discover an old sunken ship (remind you of that bad Jessica Alba movie yet?) and the author describes the ocean, the beach, the ship, and the treasure in so much detail, I can practically taste the salt in the air. I think when an author can do that, he or she is truly talented and that's the type of work I strive to do.

I completely agree with your analysis, Angelica. Without geography,stories would have much less impact.

Katie Vann said:

Angelica, I also liked this quote. When a book is made into a movie, I usually make comparisons between the two. For the movie, the first thing I study is the scenery. Do the scenes in the movie match what was described in the book? Do the builings, landscapes, and even people appear as I imagined them from the text? Sometimes I think the great description of surroundings that can be found in literature is lost when the work is created into a movie.

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