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While reading this story about a woman committed murder, I found myself intrigued by the quote, “Well, can you beat the women! Held for murder and worryin' about her preserves”( Glaspell.).  I found it to be sarcastic. The sheriff says this after talking to Mrs. Hale about her relationship with Mrs. Wright. Mrs. Wright worried about her fruit freezing in the cold. Even though her kitchen skills and tidiness skills won’t the best, she still cared about her food. Adding sarcasm to the play helps the reader to relate to Mrs. Wright. Being in a bad relationship with her husband has changed her identity and changed how she viewed herself.




Angela Palumbo said:

To be honest, this quote really confused me. Thank you for clarifying. These guys seem to me to be misogynists but the joke's on them because in the end, the wives pull one over on them.

Angela, this is a good comment. You're right -- this is one of many details designed to make the reader sympathize with Mrs. Wright.

When you create your next agenda item, and you are creating the link to the course website, try to use more meaningful words -- in this case, "Glaspell's Trifles" or even just "Trifles" would be more meaningful than just "my blog".

Sarcasim is my favorite and the fact that it is brought out in really such a stereotypical way really made me smile.

Ally Hall said:

I think that's a great comment. I got the impression from this quote that Mrs. Wright was so concerned about the preserves because that's probably what Mr. Wright instilled in her. It almost seems to me that she has a lot of the after-effects of abuse, whether physical or mental. I may be looking into this a bit too much, but being so concerned about the fruit was probably a natural instinct to be worried about things that would please her husband - dead or not.

Maybe the fear of the fruit freezing symbolizes a fear of death.

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