Original or Not?

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“On one level, everyone who writes anything knows that pure originality is impossible” (Foster 187)

 I agree with this statement. Writers are constantly trying to make others’ ideas better. There are times when it is hard to find a topic. We write about personal experiences and topics that are of interest to us. Sometimes things we’ve read have had a prominent effect on us and we want to write about it. Sometimes it takes someone else’s idea to get your imagination flowing.

Even in the movies, there are remakes. Directors are looking for ways to make old material better and appeal to a difference audience. The same applies to writing.


Greta Carroll said:

Yes, I agree with you Angelica. It is impossible to be 100% original. Even if we try as hard as we can to be so, something we have read will always affect our writing. Whether we let it do so intentionally or not, other literature that we have read does change our perceptions and becomes part of us. We can’t escape this. But as you point out with the movie remakes, sometimes this lack of originality can make things all the more interesting and appealing to the audience. And as Foster explained, there is only one story, all we can do is write variations of it.

Juliana Cox said:

Yes! This is true. I believe some other students have blogged about this same subject and we are all in agreement. We try to come up with a new creative text that no one has encountered before but we can't! People have been writing for endless amounts of years that writing has been bound to repeat itself.

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