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“A symbol is an object, action, or event that represents something, or creates a range of associations, beyond itself.” ( Hamilton 86)

I think we can get carried away with symbolism. I write in a blog entry a while back on this same topic. In that blog I said how my teacher would praise us for picking the symbols out of a reading and a lot of my peers had similar experiences. “Writer may use such symbols as they stand. An example I liked was about Genesis because I had read that book in the Bible last semester in The Bible as Literature. Hamilton says in the book of Genesis, the snake is a symbol of “entrancing but fatal temptation.”

“A Symbol, in contrast, presents the image but leaves the subject that it represents open to a wide range of possible interpretations.” ( Hamilton 87)


Juliana Cox said:

Angelica, I like your reference back to Bible class. I believe that in a high school setting everyone was looking for symbols in the text they would read. It is something that our teachers taught us and in a way I think it helped for college. Yes, in college you don't just want to say this is a symbol for that, but intead find those symbols within a text and use it to network the text. How does one thing relate to another, this gives meaning to this, and so on and so on. So getting carried away with symbolism was high school. Knowing how to network symbols is college.

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