The End

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MWV Acts 4 & 5

Falstaff: I do begin to perceive that I am made into an ass.

Ford: Ay, and an ox too: both the proofs are extant.

 (Shakespeare Act 5, scene 5 pg 103)

I found this quote to be really funny. It’s one of those moments we dread, the “oh” moment. Mistress Page and Mistress Ford want to fool Falstaff and Mr. Ford. This passage made me laugh. Finally Falstaff is put into their place. They want to scare him and it works. Falstaff sys, “And these are not fairies? I was three or more times in the thought they were not fairies; and yet the guiltiness of my mind, the sudden surprise of my powers, drove the grossness of the foppery into a received belief, in despite of the teeth of all rhyme and reason, that they were fairies.” I think this quote sums it up that he was taken by surprise.


I thought this part was funny as well. In my blog I talk about how i saw a preview of the show and this part esp. goes well with it because the actors really brought this part out well, as well as the part I talk about on my page.

Ally Hall said:

I liked this moment in the play. I thought that he got what was coming to him and was really made into the ass that I thought that he was. And to say he was taken by surprise I think is an understatement. :)

Deana Kubat said:

i used this line too.....actually though if you think about it, its just like in A Midsummer Night's Dream. only that guy was actually turned into an ass....wierd huh haha

Juliana Cox said:

Yes, this was a comical part of the play. In my blog I commented on how Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford were achieving the status of Girls Just Want To Have Fun! So any time I read about Falstaff being made into a complete ass I remember this, I think it helps me see the comedy within the play knowing the women are having fun doing this to Falstaff.

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