Unpopularity on the Dance Floor

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“No matter how beautiful or brilliant a girl may be, the reputation of not being frequently cut in on makes her position at a dance unfortunate.”


I found this quote to be interesting because I think a lot of girls can relate to this feeling. Bernice feels like she doesn’t fit in and is uncomfortable in her own skin. Being introverted, Bernice didn’t let people in and maybe the boys didn’t think she was approachable or even wanted to dance. Being at a dance and watching other people have several people to dance with, wears on people’s self esteem. It doesn’t matter what you look like. It’s important to have confidence and that will make people want to dance with you. It’s important to put yourself out there and let people see the real you.


Angela Palumbo said:

Angelica is exactly right. People judge others way too often by their outward appearance. You can be absolutely gorgeous but what does that matter if you do not have the personality to back that up. I noticed patterns like this when I was in high school. The socially deemed pretty girls always had a boyfriend, usually a new one every week or month. To me, a person who constantly switches boyfriends or girlfriends is not desirable. It says something about that person’s loyalty. If that person makes impulse decisions and switches loyalties so fast, why would anyone want to date them?
I also knew people who had the opposite problem. Throughout high school I met a lot of really nice people. It seemed to me the fact that they are wonderful people should make them extremely desirable but guess again! It is so sad that our society values appearance as much as it does. In the end, we will all be old and wrinkled anyways so why not go for the personality. That does not change.
Bernice should not have been discouraged because people did not want to dance with her and did not approach her. Unlike Bernice, we all need to remain true to ourselves. If you get friends by acting like something you are not, do you really have those friends? After all, the person they fall in love with is not really you. By acting like yourself, a person will attract others who have personalities that compliment their own. These people are your true friends.

Maddie Gillespie said:

I agree with Angelica Guzzo’s blog on the thought that constantly seeing other people dancing, switching partners, and being treated as an obligation would wear on anyone’s self-esteem. I’m also in agreement with her on the fact that confidence brings a charm to people, makes others notice them, and often makes life a bit easier to handle. However, for those who are introverted and uncomfortable in their own skin, confidence can often be hard to find/build. Being quiet and introverted myself, I know I would find it difficult to put myself out there on the dance floor or demand a switch of partners. Now, dances make me uncomfortable anyhow, but give me something I know a lot about and tell me to give you a speech on it...and watch out! Maybe Bernice needed to discover her own backbone/defiance and start to take control of her life as opposed to letting others guide her every thought.

The way people feel about themselves definitely affects how other people feel about them. If you present yourself in a confident way, then more people will be attracted to you. The new show, "How to Look Good Naked" with Carson Kressley, demonstrates just that. They bring women on the show who have low self-esteem and do a complete makeover...not just with hair and clothes but with confidence as well. Even though they get the opinion of people on the street about how they look (and the show airs all the compliments that they made), it is not until they fully accept themselves that they are confident. Even one girl said, "I think you edited out all the bad comments that people made and just showed me the good ones." She obviously was not convinced about what the other people had to say. She had to realize it herself that she was beautiful. By the end of the show, she did not even really care what other people thought--because she knew in her heart that she was amazing.
Marjorie gained her confidence by what other people thought of her. Bernice was not like that. Even when she was doing everything that Marjorie told her to, there were times when she had "a sinking feeling" inside of her. Beauty and confidence has to come from within.

Ally Hall said:

I definitely agree with what Angelica said. It's important to be able to put yourself out there and be yourself, however in today's society (and in the story, I believe too) it's incredibly difficult to be okay with yourself, which is a shame, if you ask me. Bernice is forced to go along with what Marjorie wants her to do because she feels it will make her less of an obligation to Marjorie and to the boys. Although Bernice's "makeover" (so to speak) does help her gain some self-confidence to put herself out there, once she changes how she looks, the girls shun her once again. I think that people need to stop looking at the outside and really take time to think about what's on the inside.

Kayley Dardano said:

I see where angelica is coming from but I think that you need to look at why this happens to girls like Bernice. Why do girls rely so heavily on social lives filled with drama and attached to the opposite sex? If they weren’t wasting their times being timed, would girls like Bernice still feel unwanted and neglected by the public that they want to belong to. Also if girls didn’t set such high standers for one another then we wouldn’t have this need to dance with more than one partner.

Jessie Farine said:

I'd be disappointed if a lot of girls feel badly about themselves because they don't have a lot of boys hounding over them. I don't think they should feel bad, because most of the time guys don't want anything nice anyway. Sometimes, it is rough to see other people be popular while you aren't popular yourself, but popularity isn't that it is cracked up to be. If you're at the the top of the ladder, you only have a longer and harder fall awaiting you.

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