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”An epiphany means a sudden, overwhelming insight or revelation evoked by a commonplace object or a scene in a POEM or a work of FICTION. (Hamilton 102)

 I love reading a work of fiction when a character has an epiphany. Sometimes while I’m reading, I think, how can you not pick this up. It’s right in front of you. When the character finally has a revelation, it’s almost a sigh of relief.

I hadn’t thought about epiphanies in poems. Once I started to think about, it became clear to me that this is true. I just tend to read more fiction than poetry.


Maddie Gillespie said:

I have to say that I heartily agree with you! I tend to read more fiction than poetry as well, and I'd never quite picked up on epiphanies in poems. I mean, in a work of fiction, you have numerous pages in which to watch the character take steps that will ultimately culminate in an epiphany for them. With poems, you usually don't have so much to read through. There might not be so much detail present within the lines as to seem like an epiphany could exist in there! However, if there is one at all, it'll probably be in the last line or two in the hopes of actually driving a point home to us mere readers.

Ally Hall said:

Angelica, I completely agree with you when you say that you wonder how a character can't pick something that to the reader, is obvious. While it's not the same as an epiphany, your blog reminded me of a story where the main character is trying to figure out who is stalking her, and almost as soon as it's first introduced, I knew who it was and I wanted to literally shake the character and scream the name at her. However, when she (finally!) does figure it out, it's definitely that A HA! moment.

Kaitlin Monier said:

It's really cool when a character in a story has an epiphany, especially in suspense stories. Once the character realizes something, so does the reader. It's neat when the reader can have an epiphany with the characters.

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