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“College students I meet who express a desire to writer for magazines usually want to write for consumer magazines they know and love (but don’t necessarily read cover to cover)” (Lemire 142)

I have always dreamed of writing for People Magazine, Us Weekly, or Rolling Stone. I have always been fascinated with celebrities and music. I love all types of music so I thought writing for Rolling Stone was my calling (if I wasn’t so nervous about talking to celebrities). I think it’s natural for someone who wishes to write for a magazine to want to write for the magazine they enjoy reading. It is easy to write about topics that interest you. Just because someone doesn’t read the magazine from cover to cover, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pursue writing for it. We all read the articles that are of interest to us.

Wring for magazines that are of interest to you is a way to get your writing career started in magazine writing. Because it’s easier to write about something that interests you and that you have a good understanding of, you could write for that magazine you enjoy and practice your writing for a magazine. Then you can move on to any type of magazine.

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