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“Magazines are not for everyone, but for everyone, there is likely to be a magazine.” (Lemire 96)

I guess I should admit something, I’m a magazine junkie! I wait every Saturday for my People Magazine and Us Weekly. I realize that some may prefer to just read a newspaper because they can read what interest them. They may feel a magazine dedicated to one subject is too much. Even if they don't want to read an entire magazine about what they like to read in the paper, there is a magazine about the topics they like to read in the paper.

“Unlike newspapers, which appeal to a broad spectrum of interests and a more general reader, magazines are written, edited, and published to appeal to a very targeted relationship.”  (Lemire 96) Magazines appeal to a certain interest.  They apply to one topic. My magazines typically deal with celebrities; however I will occasionally read Newsweek.

When you buy a magazine, you know what you’re looking for and would buy what interests you. There are magazines about every subject. There are magazines on sports, fashion, celebrities, heath, babies, parenting, politics, religion, and cooking. There is something for everyone.

When you pick up a newspaper there may only be a few articles that interest you, but when you buy a magazine, you will want to read it cover to cover because the whole magazine is dedicated to your interests.



Kaitlin Monier said:

That's true what you say about magazines. When reading a newspaper, I read the comics and then that's all. But when I read a magazine, I normally end up reading all of it. It seems as though magazines are more personalized.

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