That's not Fair

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” Mrs. W. is in the kitchen, so I have to go down on my hands and knees practically at her feet. No we don’t have sponge mops like the one I use at my own house; the hands-and-knees approach is a definite selling point for corporate cleaning services like The Maids.”(Ehrenreich Chapter 2 p 85)

When I first read this I thought to myself, I would never have put up with that, but I guess if I was in that situation where it’s do as I say or I can’t afford food, I probably would listen.

This quote stuck out to me because I was amazed that on top of having to scrub on her hands and knees, there are restrictions on how much soap and water to use. I think that cleaning on your hands and knees, day after day, is hard enough, without someone telling you how to do it. Especially knowing that Barbra and her co workers were at times working more than one job, made me even madder at how they were treated.

I could never imagine living life this way, but the reality is people do. Everyone needs a break.

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