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“She was the only one in her family who had been different, who had had any get.” (O’Connor, A Stroke of Good Fortune, pg 65)

For starters I would like to say that I felt terrible for Ruby. When she met with Madam Zoleeda, she was told she was sick. I found it interesting that O’Connor points out that “Rudy didn’t want to be told.” I think Ruby was trying to accept her illness on her own and doesn’t want to receive medical attention.

Ruby has had such a loveless life. She “had done alright doctoring herself for all these years.”  She had been in pretty good health up to this point. She even prevented herself from having a child.  I think she feels she’s alone and therefore should handle her ailment alone.  


Ally Hall said:

While I agree with you about Ruby feeling alone, I don't think that she should handle her "ailment" (if you call being pregnant an ailment) alone. If anything, during the pregnancy is when Ruby should turn to everyone else for help and support. I don't think anyone can handle being pregnant by themselves, at least not totally.
Although, really, Ruby will probably deny being pregnant until she goes into labor anyway, so she will probably deal with everything herself.

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