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“Knowledge of a subject- even expertise in a subject- does not, alone, qualify you to become a teacher: excellent, good or mediocre.” (Lemire 13)

Teaching is a completely different level of understanding a subject. I have had many teachers who have had an understanding in a subject, but simply could not teach it. My teachers would read the material and give us a test on it. I remember sitting in class wondering, when am ever going to use this in the real world? As an aspiring teacher, I can only hope I will not be the same. I hope to be knowledgeable and exciting.

Knowledge of a subject is important in teaching, but it’s not everything. A teacher needs to know the content and be able to implement it in real life situations. An important part of teaching is being hands on.  Students learn better when they can see what they are being taught and how they will use it in the real world, for instance experiments are great ways to teach a science and also show how it can be used.

Teaching and knowing about a subject matter are different. That’s why it can be hard to be a teacher. I know I understand math. I was in the tutoring center and a friend was asking me for help. I simply showed him what I did, but couldn’t explain why I did it that way.

On the first day of school, teachers claim that they will not be like our past teachers, they will be exciting and make what we’re learning fun. It’s a lot easier said than done. Teaching is something you should be passionate about. It shouldn’t be thought of as an experimental job opportunity.

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