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Here are words I now know..thank you urban dictionary

Gangsta- someone who has money but made it illegally and if they don't have money they are trying to make it illegally but not everyone who extorts, steals, sells drugs, guns, or women is a gangsta some gangstas do work or own businesses in order to launder money a gangsta will hurt or kill you about money mainly, and generally doesn't start trouble, that's a thug, but a gangsta will finish something you start and come out on top.

 Example from

Gangsters are destructive, rather than being vital, creative, or procreative.

I chose this word because in my high school, all the guys would call each other gansta. I thought it made them sound ridiculous. I was confused as to why they dropped the e and r from the word. From reading urban dictionary, I learned gansta and gangster are two different words.

A hot mess- a hot mess is when something just aint' right

Example from :

Another woman who works in the bookstore at school, calls him a "hot mess" and warned me before to stay away from him , like everyone else told me to) I don't get it...

I chose this phrase because I hear this phrase in music and on television shows. I find it funny too. I find it amusing that we refer to a person whose life is out of control, a person whose hair is messy, or a person who doesn’t dress like us, a hot mess. I thought I understood what it meant, but I guess it has multiple meanings.

N*sync- An untalented manufactured singing group that can't play instruments.

Example from,

Why N Sync sucks…These guys are the most annoying boy band of all boy bands. Not only do they have voices that sound like a twelve year old girl being beat up with a nightstick, but they also prance around the stage like wounded chickens.

I chose this word because I used to love N Sync when I was younger. I thought they were amazing. I found it funny that urban dictionary’s definition of N Sync is negative. I find it funny now to read N Sync bashing websites. Back then, I would get really upset if I saw websites against them.

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