February 13, 2005

Technology advances...

I always thought a fact was a piece of information. I did not know it is separated from information. In "What Socrates Said to Phaedrus: Reflections on Technolgy and Education," John Churchhill describes how wisdom arrives when understanding occurs, understanding arrives when knowledge is taken in, knowledge is information, information is a fact, and a fact is a relation of all of these aspects. I have never though of these things before, but they all seen to stike me as true.

Churchill goes on to describe how information technology is not where we should end, that we still have yet to achieve all of the other parts of information, such as knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

The author asks a question towards the end of the story about technology ever replacing the classroom. I would never think technology would replace the classroom. I believe that people learn the best by sitting down in an environment with others around their same age and talking to a real person. I feel that if technology replaces everything, social skills are going to go down the drain, as well as teachers' careers.

One idea that jumped out at me while reading this story was (on page 214) when Churchill added "No one did this in the eighteenth century." He was talking about living by alarm clacks and appointment books. I found it interesting how our technology/world is so advanced, but we are still going back and referring to people who lived in the eighteenth century. It is true that if it was not for these earlier advancements, we would not be where we are today, even if they didn't have alarm clocks or cell phones.

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