February 20, 2005

Small group discusses big ideas

No there were not five of us in Media Aesthetics today, there were only three. Did this stop us? Heck no! Amanda, Johanna, and I discussed everything we have written in our blog entries as well as other things.

While I read my blog entry on Aristotle's "Poetics," Amanda and Johanna agreed with my arguement on beauty. Amanda said how she did not like Aristotle telling us what could be beautiful and what could not. Aristotle was pretty much saying to see things my way, or else.

When Johanna read her blog entry, I liked when she mentioned how we learned from imitation. I said that when we are children, we learn by mocking others. This is how we learn to talk, crawl, stick out our tongues, etc. So why is imitating considered such a bad thing?

Amanda read her blog entry as well. We all had three different ideas on Aristotle. I told Amanda that the quote she was confused about (referring to beauty) was the same thing I wrote about in my weblog. I said that Aristotle was trying to explain what sorts of things were beautiful.

We also discussed why we feel Aristotle spoke more about tragedy than comedy. We we saying that Aristotle probably does not like comedy as much as tragedy. But even so, you would think he would have spoke just a little more about it. Aristotle was being one sided, sticking only to what he liked and thought was better.

So even without our professor, Dr. Jerz, class was still a success. So no need to fear Dr. Jerz! We had a very productive discussion on our disagreements and agreements of Aristotle.

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I hope we can continue our coffee-house-like discussions in the future. :-D

Posted by: Amanda at February 20, 2005 09:13 PM
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