March 16, 2005

Comparing art and poetry: William Carlos Williams

In William Carlos Williams poem, "The Great Figure," I feel as though the poem is moving faster and faster, as if the truck is. The lines even get longer towards the end of the poem, which I feel is representing the train moving faster and faster. I think it's weird that there is a poem about a number 5 on a truck, but I believe that someone could write a poem about anything.

The painting goes well with the poem as well. The fives seem to start small and grow bigger and bigger, as if the truck is moving closer and closer to you. I also thought the color was interesting. They were bright colors in the center: red and yellow. These colors form a certain excitement and spark interest, especially in the bright number five. I like the idea Dr. Jerz gave in class about the shadows mixed into the painting, and how they look like the Roman numeral five. I found this painting to represent the poem very well.

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