March 15, 2005

The Twin Towers

It's a shame that something bad has to happen to something before someone appreciates it being there. Dave Lehman spoke of the World Trade Centers in 1996 of being ugly. He considered them a bad representation of architecture. It wasn't until there was a bomb that went off, that he appreciated the buildings for their importance, not their looks.

Like I said in my past blog on skyscrapers: a certain skyscraper is what makes a city a city. Most people recognize a city by the way the big buildings look. Not only are the World Trade Centers gone, but a part of the city is gone now too.

I feel that people need to open up about this topic more and be able to discuss what happened. 9/11 is never going to disappear and people shouldn't just shrug it off. I heard that there is going to be a memorial placed where the twin towers were and I am very happy to hear that. What happened was a really horrible thing, but it's still nice to remeber the people that had to go through that and we should give them our respect, love, and care.

The poem "To Brooklyn Bridge" by Hart Crane seems to describe just how important buildings are to us. Reading this poem makes me feel that Crane has tied in man-made buildings relating to our new for of a certain nature.

My favorite quote of this poem was "Till elevators drop us from our day." It makes me think that going down an elevator from a building a person works in alliviates stress from their fulfilled workday. These are the only ideas I seem to have gotten from this poem. I have to admit that this was a pretty complex poem.

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