March 21, 2005

RUR vs. Metropolis

In RUR by Karel Capek, there are robots being made who are not machines (as Dr. Jerz clarified for me today in class), but they are actually made up of flesh, tissues and bone (sort of like cloning--but they don't call it that). This is the information I got from Dr. Jerz's summary of R.U.R. The only difference is that they cannot have personalities.

The main difference I saw of the robots in this play and the film Metropolis was that the robot in Metropolis actually had a nasty and rude personality to her. She was going against the machines and getting the people to destroy them. She was smiling while destoying the workers mindset. In RUR, the robots have no personality. According to the website, the robots cannot love. In the play Domain said, "Mechanically they are more perfect than we are, they have an enormously developed intelligence, but they have no soul."

The only similarity in this aspect of the robots was that Helena actually felt that the robots had souls and was trying to help them. Another similar idea was that the robot in Metropolis looked human on the outside, in which the robots in RUR look like humans as well.

When I read the line, "Nothing but life! Nothing but robots!" from Dr. Jerz's summary, I felt the impression that the robots were starting to think that they were the ones who were alive, rather than the humans. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I felt that the robots thought the humans (over time) were the ones with no personality and that the robots should be in control.

RUR seemed to be a hard play to analyze because there is a lot to it. The question arose in my mind, "What does Domain mean by 'beautiful' when he said, 'Very neat, very simple. Really a beautiful piece of work'?" I'm not too sure of why they are beautiful and neat if they have the same body parts as human beings. If these robots are neat and beautiful, then humans must be too. Right? Or am I going down the wrong road with this? This is a line that really confused me when I read Dr. Jerz's summary of how the robots are made up from the same things we are.

Metropolis is confusing in the same way, only because, like Denishia said in class, we do not know of all the information the character's talk about. I know one thing for sure that I agree on: the play RUR and the film Metropolis leave a lot of room open to interpretation.

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