March 28, 2005

I'm "Standing at the Beginning of a Road": which one, I'll never know

Isn't it amazing what a divorce could possibly cause? For Crowther, his divorce caused him to put together the game "Adventure." Another interesting fact: his hobby, of which he shared with his wife (rock-climbing), "was indirectly the catalyst for 'Adventure'." According to Dr. Jerz's article "You are Standing at the Beginning of a Road: Examining Will Crowther's 'Advent'."

To start with, I don't understand why there is not much information on Crowther. If he is the one who influenced computer programers to create computer games, you would think there would be at least a book written on him (or he would write a book about his experience himself). I find it odd that Don Woods seems to get more credit just because there is not too much known about Crowther. I understand that in this article it stated, "Will Crowther keeps a low profile," but I think he should still write about this.

Buckles was the only one who wrote a dissertation on this, according to Dr. Jerz's article, but she "makes no attempt to examine the cultural context in which Adventure was created and received." To this, I would have to ask, "Why?" Why are these people not interested in a game that was first to spark young minds towards imagination?

To be honest, the only video game I have ever really liked was Super Mario Brothers. I thought that game was so great! Well, until you beat the whole game and then it gets boring to start back at the beginning. Other than that and Spider Solitaire, I never really played video games.

After reading this article, I now know how to master the game "Hunt the Wumpus" and when a player thinks the wumpus is going to help you if you are wounded, it decides to eat you instead. As Amanda states in her blog (of which I have to agree), "I had to laugh at the irony of talking about a 'wumpus' in a scholarly article."

I have to add my own thoughts to this as well. I would say the funniest in this scholarly article was, "Elsewhere, a caver whose lamp runs out of water solves his problem by urinating into the receptacle."

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Okay, now I don't feel so badly about what I said on my blog.

Posted by: Amanda at March 31, 2005 08:22 PM
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