April 13, 2005

Summing it all up (again)...

Welcome to my wonderful world of blogging! Here is my most recent collection...

Donald McNeill's "Skyscraper Geography": This is a reflection on the different ideas McNeill included in his article about skyscrapers. Some of my reflections include how important the World Trade Centers were to New York and how the cities in movies (such as Gotham in Batman) are very popular (you hardly ever see a movie taking place in a rural area).

The Twin Towers: After reading Dr. Jerz's article on the World Trade Centers, I learned about how Dave Lehman said before this happened, he did not like the World Trade Centers. After they were destroyed, he finally realized the important. This blog also discusses my thoughts about the poem "To Brooklyn Bridge."

Thorough Thoureau reading: I have never read a Thoureau reading until having this class. I reflected on many quotes and ideas this author had in his two chapters "Sound" and "Solitude."

Comparing art and poetry: After reading the poem "The Great Figure" by William Carlos Williams and seeing the painting, I first wrote on my thoughts of the poem, but then I compared it to the painting. I wrote about how the two compliment eachother very well.

"Americanization and Expressionism"...: In this entry, I learned a lot from Dr. Jerz's article, "Americanization and Expressionism: The Hairy Ape (1922) and The Adding Machine (1923)." I also wrote what I thought of the fan site and the Wikipedia article on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Along with these, I wrote about George Antheil's ballet, Ballet mécanique, and how Paul Lehrman is taking the time to use technology to get it performed the way Antheil originally wanted (This information came from a wired article). On top of this, I wrote about two different websites we had to read on the Ballet mécanique, one was a question and answer page and the other was an "about the film" type page.

Metropolis: speechless!: This is a long entry on the movie Metropolis. I wrote about the lighting, the workers, how (in my opinion) it relates to the industrial revolution, etc.

RUR vs. Metropolis: After reading Karel Capek's play called RUR and Dr. Jerz's summary of RUR, I did a comparison of how it compares and contrasts with the movie Metropolis.

Playing video games in class?: Because I could not get ELIZA or Colossal Cave Adventure to open on my dorm room computer, I got to play ELIZA in class. I wrote about this experience and how frustrating it could sometimes be because the game just keeps pretty much repeating what you say back to you. I also wrote about my experience playing Adventure. I found out that this game did work in the computer labs, so I did get to play it. I stated how after I was finished following Dr. Jerz's hints, I found I was stuck.

First reading of Galatea 2.2 : After reading the first 138 pages of the book, I reflected on it. I made certain connections on how Rick seems to be a lot like Imp A, which is why he's attached to it. I made the connection of the front cover (I related it to Pygmalion). I also gave examples from the book on how these computers responded to what the human would say.

"Standing at the Beginning of a Road": After reading Dr. Jerz's article, I learned plenty more information on Adventure and how it works. I also included my own opinions on this topic.

Galatea 2.2--finished: This is a long, long reflection on the book Galatea 2.2 and my connections I made throughout reading it. I found a website that explained the front cover perfectly (it's like a mirror-the computer trying to reflect the human). I also wrote about why I think the book is titled what it is (even if it may be a little extreme). If your interested in the connections I have made, then this would be a good blog to read.

Pick Up Ax: After reading the play Pick Up Ax, I felt very different about the technological world. This was a very easy play to read with a lot of read between the lines type of messages. I picked up on some of these messages and reflected on them in this blog entry.

"Adventure": I related Martin Heller's article about the computer game Adventure to the Turing Test and also wrote how the ending was a little confusing. I thought that maybe Heller really has never played the game, but has already been through the experience by caving with Crowther.

utopian entrepreneur: After reading this book, I was really excited to write about it (as you can see, I just kept typing away). This book grabbed my attention very easily, not only because of the design of the writing, but the content of the writing as well. I really liked the idea of this woman creating a video game for girls (even if she was being a little discriminatory).

So here it is once again! I hope you enjoy my aesthetically pleasing selection.

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