May 04, 2005

Media and the ideal body image

I really enjoyed Denishia's assigned reading, only because it stated the facts on body image related to the media. I felt, after reading this, that maybe more people, especially teens (who seem to be the most impacted) should look into this website to see what they are truly getting themselves into.

I do agree with this article that people want to achieve the "ideal" body image--which is the image the media portrays. This reading states that only 1% of girls will have a "chance of being as thin as a supermodel." This is an extreme number. If only more people would look at these statistics, maybe they would not be so unhappy about how they look, and accept their body for how it is.

During the presentation, I felt that showing images from "I want a famous face" was necessary to this topic. People go through all of these surgeries only to become someone else and lose their own identity. I personally think this is absurd.

Denishia handed out this reading a few days before her presentation so we would be aware of the facts before she started. I liked this because she just went directly into her topic--assuming we read her assingment(which we did). Because I already knew many of these facts from previous knowledge, seeing the statistics were still shocking to me. I was happy that Denishia made us read this before presenting.

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