May 05, 2005

Fan fiction and slash

I have to admit that I did not like the Complexity of Desire: Janeway/Chakotay Fan Fiction reading as much as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not because it was based on Star Trek, but because there were so many things that I didn't understand, such as slash--and what exactly fan fiction is (I know--I live in a box sometimes). This article assumed that the reader knew pretty much everything about these subjects.

I did learn plenty of information from this reading though. I learned that the fans can make up relationships between characters that don't even exist (I also learned this from Johanna's presentation).

My favorite part of this reading, just because it is of interest to me (no--it's not the in detailed love scene--gosh you're gross to think that), is the part where it was mentioned that the "female sexual desire is objectified as 'how I need to look' rather than 'how I want to feel'." I found the information afterwards to be a very powerful statement at saying how Janeway breaks away from this--she is said to be "unconcerned with her own appearance."

Reading this section of this essay reminded me somewhat of Buffy. She doesn't care to much about her own appearance either, just defending her friends, family, and her town from demons.

I felt that these two readings were great to put together to prepare us for Johanna's presentation about Alias. All of these topics are related in some way, Buffy more than the fanfiction essay. I was glad Johanna brought this new information to my attention that I was unaware of before. So I just want to thank Johanna for the very educational and fun readings!

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FYI: "Slash" is an internet born and bred "literary" genre in which some moron (usually a grossly obese female who lives her life exclusively through a TV set) infringes on the copyright of a writer who has worked hard to craft characters and surroundings, and -- because of her own sexual frustration -- turns those (almost exclusively male) characters into homosexuals.

Please do not confuse this note with any sort of homophobia. It is not the gay community with which I have a problem ... it is the thieving moron community. If you want to write, people, start from scratch.


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