May 06, 2005

Reflecting on a semester of media aesthetics

Here's the good stuff folks...

Architecture and the human body: how do they relate?: In this blog entry I discussed exactly what I have done for my presentation in class and how I am going to make my formal presentation topic much more narrow so I can really focus on that ideas that are involved.

Aesthetically Pleasing Environment: This consists of all my reflections on chapter 7 of the text Aesthetics of the Natural Environment. I really enjoyed this reading--I think it may have been because of the refrences to other people's ideas on aesthetics in the environment.

Buffy is tough stuff: Out of all the reading assignments handed out in class, this one was the best one in my opinion. I explained why it was my favorite and why it seems to fit so well with Johanna's topic for her research paper.

Media and the ideal body image: This was my reflection on Denishia's reading. I felt that this reading prepared me for what was to come in her presentation. I explain why in this blog entry.

Fan fiction and slash: I noted here (in this entry) that I have never known about fan fiction or slash until Johanna assigned this reading for us. Thanks, Johanna, for opening my eyes to something new.

Titanic undergoes evaluation: I reflected on Amanda's reading and noted that the beginning went very well with her topic. I really understood some new things about the Titanic that I have never known before.

Portfolio 1: This is from the first 1/3 of the semester.

Portfolio 2: This is from the middle of the semester.

Take a look if you're curious of the interesting topics we have discussed throughout this semester in media aesthetics.

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