May 05, 2005

Titanic undergoes evaluation

The article "Textual memory: the making of the Titanic's literary archive" by Middleton and Woods, was extremely important to Amanda's topic. Even the wording in this text reminded me of how Amanda speaks--with the very large vocabulary and big words. This reading assignment pretty much explained what we were supposed to get from Amanda's presentation--and it was enjoyable to read as well. I learned a lot more about the movie than I ever have before.

Cameron's Titanic really did feel like it "put you there" and it was very realistic (especially when the boat started to sink. I really liked the comparison of the movie with the poem written by E.J. Pratt. I never knew there was a poem written about the Titanic (I'm going to have to read this now). It was interesting how Middleton and Woods state that the poem demonstrates "'tragic but grotesque' irony of the event is too strong a reminder of 'here' where textuality is at work." I thought this was a very powerful statement. I found it to be confusing that the poem wouldn't be realistic because of the tragic feel of it--I would think that would make it more realistic (I guess I have to read the poem to find out).

More towards the end of this essay, it starts to flow away from the media aesthetic topic and more towards research topics, such as on the "social and psychological mechanisms of memory." And then it goes into talking about history. This is not too on the media aesthetic topic that Amanda was going for, but the beginning had a huge impact and will give Amanda plenty of information for her paper.

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