September 29, 2003

Full News Coverage--Ha!

The news never gives the full story. It may be because it's too boring to add all the facts. On this website I learned a lot of information of why the news may keep the audience clueless of the more important events going on in the world.

I believe that news shouldn't be so involved with blood, violence and crime. That seems to be all they talk about on the news anymore. I found out on this website that talking heads are not important. I feel that there should be an equal amount of government and political issues as there are violence issues.
The next article about anchors, editors, etc. I wasn't too interested in because I don't want to be an achor or work for news stations.
Pictures are a big deal to me when I read the paper. I look at the picture first and then decide whether or not I want to read the article. It would be crazy to have to write a different story every day. I don't know how journalists can do it. I have trouble writing a story in two or three days.
News doesn't give all the facts because they might make a good story become bad. I think that's why people who want to know more about that certain story read the newspaper. I don't think it's right that the news would hold things back from the audience, but I understand that people would get uninterested if the story would keep dragging on.

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September 28, 2003

Weekends and Homework Don't Mix

This weekend was a crazy homework weekend. There was no time to even go to homecoming and I was really bummed about that. I did a timeline for psychology about the history of women. I also had to study for a test in child psychology and do journalism homework, which is going to be my next blog entry. So stay tuned, more homework is coming up.

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September 23, 2003

Chapter 7-The Inverted Pyramid

This is just the reading I had to do on my own time for journalism class. I had to do four exercises that follow the chapter. If you want to know what I'm talking about, then you might want to find a book called, News, Reporting, and Writing by The Missouri Group. This is strictly journalism, so sports fans-don't read this.

1) Who: The United Jewish Appeal
What: Walk-a-Thon
Where: Springfield
When: This morning
Why: Raise money for The Soup Kitchen
How: N/A

2) a) When, What, Who, Why
b) Who, What, When, Why
c) When, What, Who
d) What, When, Why

A and B have the most information and therefore are the best articles.

3) ~THe nation's funeral home directors are required to offer you detailed cost statements starting today, a service they finally are going to provide to you despite nearly a dozen years of debate over the idea.

~There is a new disclosure law going into effect today which will make it easy for you to determine the cost of a funeral.

I think: Using 'you' has less of an impact as just stating the article, but sometimes people want to read 'you' because they want to know what's in it for them.

4) On Tuesday, 40 miles from a meeting of pacifists and 2,000 feet beneath the surface of Pahute Mesa in the Nevada desert, a nuclear weapon with a yield equivalent to 150,000 tons of TNT detonated. Do not be alarmed of this; it was only to test out this specific weapon.

~Like I said this is only referring to the book in my journalism class. Don't take this seriously!!!!~

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September 22, 2003

Pirates vs. Cubs

Saturday night was so exciting. First, the cross-country team had to run at Marietta. It was a long trip and we didn't get back until 6 o'clock. Right after that, I darted to PNC Park with my boyfriend and two other friends to see the second to last home Pirate game ( It was Kip Wells bobble-head night. Even though he was the star of the night, Ryan Vogelsong pitched a heck of a game with...

8 of the 12 strikeouts. Rivera added to the victory hitting a two run homer. Redman got in a run as the ball escapes the Cubs catcher, Paul Bako. Even though they lost Sunday (4-1) to the Cubs, I still thought Saturday was an exciting way to end the Pirates home season.

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September 21, 2003

Olympic Blogs Online

One of our journalism assignments was to write how a weblog online creates or distributes news (if it does). I wrote about blogs I found on the Olymipics. They were pretty interesting. There were entries about a famous runner named Marie Perec, who was found missing, and another runner named Alan Webb, who everyone thinks should go straight to the pros. I found these to be interesting sports news. If you want more of the interesting facts, here you go...

This weblog is a good source of information for people interested in the Olympics or just sports in particular. It gives specific stories on different sporting events, such as ice skating, cross-country, and cycling. I found all of the stories quite interesting. The first story said that Dick Wright, a cartoonist, is going to host the 2008 Winter Olympics. It surprises me how these weblogs were written in 2001 but they already know what’s going on in 2008. The second article gave information about a soccer team that chant when they’re unhappy about a referee’s call. They think that their behavior will result in not going to the 2008 Olympics. I think that they put some funny twist into these weblogs to make it interesting to the reader. For example, they have a quote that said cursing is a form of love, and if your not cursed, no one cares about you (Atlanta Journal-Constitution). The next story is about a woman named Marie Perec. She was missing for a long time after being threatened and stalked. When reporters interviewed her father, he said that she is ok and didn’t say where she was. I think that this is an article that distributes news to the public. If one of the fans of this woman were to watch a race and not see her run, I think they would be wondering what happened to her. Well, if they read this article, they would find out. The next article gives news about an ineligible runner from South Dakota State in the NCAA. Because of this runner, they lost the championship. There are a couple other stories in this weblog. They all seem to distribute news rather than make it. One article on a runner Alan Webb was an article that gave news and made news. They give their opinions on whether or not this runner should go to college or go straight to the pros. The article I was the most interested in was the one that had a quote from The Onion. It was about Beijing, Toronto, and Paris being finalists for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The Onion wrote this article, so obviously this had to be a spoof story. I knew it was when they quoted, “state-of-the-art hospital in Beijing to remain open for duration of the Olympics.” What is really funny is that this weblog might think that this is a true story; they might not know that this is spoofed. If they do know, then they just wanted to make it a funny article. All of these articles distribute news to the public about sporting events.

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September 19, 2003

Hey, I did it!!

Hi everyone!!! I finally got my weblog working. This is the first blog I've ever done in my life!! This weblog deals with sports, sports, and more sports. Some major journalism issues will be brought up in it as well. Just warning you so nobody gets confused.

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