October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween!!!

I wanted to tell everyone HAPPY HALLOWEENand to have fun at the dance tonight. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and has a nice Halloween night. I'm going to be getting some rest for the big cross-country meet tomorrow at St. Vincent!!!!!

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October 30, 2003

Copyright It-Then Sue If Copied

"Fox News Sues" is the topic of a news story covered by the Washington Post on August 12, 2003. A man named Al Franken, a former "Saturday Night Live" performer, was to be sued for taking the phrase "fair and balanced" and using it in the title of his book that's supposed to be called Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. Now this may sound like a stupid reason to sue, but Fox News supposedly had supposedly "registered this expression."

What's even more interesting about this was when I was doing a google search online, I found a website that said Al Franken-A Fair and Balanced Web Page. It's almost as if he's making a joke out of this whole thing. On the website, I found that his book is on sale right now and still uses the phrase "fair and balanced."
picture for weblog.jpg
This discussion was all over the news, CNN, American Daily, New York Daily News, and a website called United States: Fox sues Al Franken. If you are willing to learn more about this case, which I think is worth learning about, just click on these websites.
It turns out that Fox drops the lawsuit... you have to go to the CNN website to find out more about this topic.

This is considered current media law. Copyrighting is a huge part of media law and a journalist, or anyone for that matter, cannot copy anything that has been given rights to someone else. I thought this story was very interesting.

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October 28, 2003

Two Poll Questions-Unfair To One Side, Fair To The Other

Here are two examples of the same poll question. One is designed to be unfair to one side, and the other fair to the other:

Do you favor or oppose allowing students and parents to choose a private school to attend at public expense?
Do you think that tax dollars should be used to assist parents who send their children to private schools, or should tax dollars be spent to improve public schools?

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October 27, 2003

Maps, Territories, and Hedgehogs-Oh My!!

In the book that I have been talking about it the past couple of blogs It Ain't Necessarily So, has many terms in it that I would have never guessed the meanings. Map, territory, and hedgehog all mean completely different things in the eyes of a journalist, and believe me, you would never guess what they mean until you read this.

Map vs. Territory is just like saying "Reports" vs. Reality. For example, the media cannot get correct statistics on how much crime rates are increasing because some crimes that are commited might not be reported.

According to Isaiah Berlin in an essay he wrote, he stated that "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." (It Ain't Necessarily So 164) This one big thing can be a really important fact and can be newsworthy, but sometimes it may not focus on other things that relate to it. Sometimes this can be a good thing, and sometimes bad. According to It Ain't Necessarily So, "...hedgehog interpretations are still flawed: inadequate and partial understandings of social problems don't help the victim or anyone else."

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October 26, 2003

A Disease Rising Is Good News-Is This Possible?

Did you ever think that a particular disease rising might be good news. Well, while I was reading It Ain't Necessarily So, I found out how this is good news.

The reason a particular disease rising is good news because it is said that if one disease rate goes up then another may decrease. Also I feel that this is something people would want to get facts about to prevent it from happening to them, so they would want to read more about it.

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October 23, 2003

I Know Your A Murderer!!-Oral Report

Anyone interested in finding out how to find out if your a psycopath or not, well just read this blog and I'll give you all the information you need to find out.

I found in the book It Ain't Neccessarily So by David Murray, Joel Schwartz, and S. Robert Lichter in chapter 8 on page 135, an article about crime and it says "...story in the Washington Post informed readers that 'violent crimes-murder, rape, robbery, and aggrevated assault-increased by 10 percent in the United States last year, the largest annual increase since 1986'." This got me thinking about why this was happening or what could be the cause behind this. I did some research and found a topic that could be the explanation for this increase and also relates with my major. I found that the crime rate increases because some people don't report these crimes. If more crimes were reported, more people could be tested to find out if they have the mental illness of psychosis.

I found this information in a BBC news article called Clues to a murderer's mind. There were two people quoted in this article and I did research on them as well, just to see if they were real people. One was Dr. Tonmoy Sharma. I found out that he is the Director of the Clinical Neuroscience Research Center in Dartford, UK. He believes brain scans can show whether or not you carry psychosis. He also said that people who have this have damage to the working memory in the brain and that psychopaths can't really remember too much information, including what's inportant to them and what's not, such as family and friends.

Professor Robert Hare was another person I researched on. I found that he is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. He also did research on psychopaths for more than a quarter of a century, wrote a book and also the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised, a widely used instrument for researchers and clinicians. He showed psychopaths pictures of very graphic and upsetting images while they were getting a brain scan and found that there was no activity at all in the brain-unlike a healthy person. A healthy person would have activity because they would be struck by these images. He believes that programs and such to help these people only make them more manipulative and that they have to find treatment.

Two more articles I found were on the same topic but had a little more information. One was a MSNBC news article called "Scans may detect signs of psychosis." Another was called Early Psychosis News (I made a mistake in my outline-it opens with Adobe Reader).

The reason why this isn't huge news right now is because they have no cure for this mental illness. They only have research. All of this research is good for finding future treatment though, so until then, this topic is staying quiet with the media right now.

So, if you have any questions just comment. And if you want to find out if your a psycopath-just go get a brain scan. It's that simple.

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October 21, 2003

Some News Is Necessarily Newsworthy

In chapters 1 and 2 of It Ain't Necessarily So, I learned why some stories made the newspapers and why others didn't. Also I searched the web to find how the authors view in the book was the same towards current news stories today. One topic in the book was illegitimate births and another was about sperm counts falling.

I don't understand why these things make the front headlines of news. Probably because it was a slow news day or maybe just because these are the things that people want to read about in the newspaper.

I found that the authors opinions about illigirtimate births being news is true. This is definitely a newsworthy topic, it's just not big enough anymore and people are sick of hearing about it. I found an article on a press conference that just took place today and it had something to do with illigitimate births. There is still talk about these topics, just decisions on whether or not they are going to make them "big news" again.

Another topic that was mentioned in the book were sperm counts being news. Well this is also something that people don't care too much about. Everyone is more interested in murders and robberies and those things. Remember "if it bleeds, it leads." Well, this doesn't mean that an article on sperm counts falling or rising isn't newsworthy. It still is and there is even an article about it on the CNN news webite called "Scientists identify new male infertility syndrome." This explains why male sperm counts are falling. I'm not sure if too many people care to hear about sperm counts now-because this article was written in 2001 and there's not really a follow up. This doesn't mean it's not newsworthy though.

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October 20, 2003

Two Sporting Events In One Day! Oh Yeah!!

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:15 am wishing that I could go back to sleep. But I had no idea that this would be one the greatest days of my life. I went to Waynesburg College with the rest of the SHU Cross-Country team. We all ran a great race, coming in first place and myself placing 11th. After this event, there was another... the hockey game.

After I got back from my race at Waynesburg, I had to hurry up and get ready to go to see the Pittsburgh Penguins play. Everyone I was going with, my boyfriend and his cousin, thought that it was over for them right when they heard we were playing the Detroit Red Wings. Well turns out the Penguins won and I saw the best hockey game I have ever saw in my life. I was sitting right behind the net and saw almost every goal that was scored. It was the most intense game ever. They won 4-3, and a lot of people in the crowd were chearing the #1 draft pick's name "Fleury, Fleury!" He's the new goalie for the Penguins, only 18 years old, and already everyone likes him.
This was a great day all around, running and winning, and watching the Penguins win. Saturday was the best day ever!!

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October 17, 2003

No More Blondes-I Don't Believe It

An article on the BBC website has an article saying that blondes will die out in the next 200 years. I don't believe it. The reason why is that there isn't enough evidence in this article to prove anything. There's even a statement in the article that goes against the topic, which is a complete blow-off.

I did my own research on this news article to see what kind of "blow-off" it really was. I went to google and did most of my searches. I searched Jonathan Rees, University of Edinburg, because he's the man who gave the statement about blondes not disappearing in 200 years. I found out that he is a real person and that he is a dermatologist. I found out that he has an unpublished article on hair genetics. So he does know some things about hair. His statements are the only believable things in this article.

Also I found an article about Ann Widdecombe because in the blondes article there is a picture of her saying that bottle-blondes like her are to blame. Well, it is true that she is a bottle-blonde because in the other article her hair is dark brown. I don't think that bottle-blondes are to blame though.

Another big example of what a screwy article this is, is that there is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL! There is no date of a meeting discussing this issue, such as at a press conference, except the date 2202, the date when all blondes supposedly won't be around anymore. It also says study experts in Germany. There are no names of these people, and Germany is a pretty big place. They could have at least gave a more specific location.

These are my feelings about this article and personally I don't agree with it at all because I believe Jonathan Rees's statement. It's ashame that the only quote they have to offer in this article is completely against the headline.

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October 08, 2003

I Love My Niece!!

I'm so sorry but I had to put this in here, even if it doesn't involve sports or journalism. (Well, she can throw a ball if that makes up for it.) My niece is so adorable and I just wanted to share it.

My sister recently had a baby. Her name is Allysae. She is the cutest baby and I love her so much. Now that I'm in college, I hardly get to see her but I look at pictures all the time. I always put pictures of my family on my desktop of my computer. Here's the best one in the whole world. All you music fans would love this one (it's my sister, Andrea, holding my niece, Allysae):
drummergirl 001.jpg

This one is just for fun because Halloween is coming up:

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October 06, 2003

You Ever Meet A Female Wrestler? Well, Now You Did.

There are a lot of sports that are considered "male sports." Well to all you ladies out there, there is a chance to play these sports. I got so sick of Pittsburgh Public Schools not really letting females participate on the Wrestling team because they "can't handle it." Well, I handled it, for three years and amazed everyone-even myself.

I was one of the guys on my wrestling team. No one looked at me as a female wrestler, they just thought of me as a wrestler. When I stepped onto the mat, everyone knew I was ready to put up a fight. I asked my mom for the first time if I was aloud to be on the team, and she said sure, and then laughed about it. But she signed the papers, so I wrestled. The first year I was involved, she hardly came to any of my matches. She didn't want anything to do with it because she thought it wasn't my sport (plus she was afraid to watch because she thought I would get hurt). I stuck with it, and the next year I was making it big. I was on Langley High School's wrestling team. I didn't really wrestle any matches during this year because I became more focused on female wrestling season in Febuary and March.

This was the best season of my life (2002). I went to the Pennsylvania tournament (of course, because I live here), West Virginia tournament, Ohio tournament, and the National Female Wrestling Tournament that was held in Lake Orion, Michigan. There were over 400 female wrestlers there. It was the best experience of my life. I made it to the second day by pinning three females and only losing to one. The next day was more hectic but I managed well. I ended up coming 12th in the U.S.A. for female wrestling.

12th at 2002 Nationals.jpg

In the year of 2003, I wrestled in a lot of state tournaments as well, including West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the Colonial States Tournament held in Washington D.C. In the Pennsylvania tournament, I pinned this one girl in about 1 minute. She came in 12th place at Nationals in 2003. I didn't get to go to Nationals that year, due to a shoulder separation from a tournament in Ohio the week before, or I would have probably came in the top 6. My mom and I were so upset. I couldn't stop crying because I was missing the biggest event of my senior year of high school. I know I could have done so much better in this year than I did the last, but I can't change that now.

All this wrestling made my senior year exciting anyway due to receiving the KDKA Extra Effort Award. I received this for being a good wrestler, being valedictorian, and also having over 200 community service hours. I also received the YMCA Scholar Athlete Award for wrestling. If you scroll down on this page you'll see me. YES I WAS IN THE TRIBUNE REVIEW-YIPPEE!!! These were definitely the highlights of my senior year and it made up for not being able to go to Nationals.

Anyone who wants to learn more about female wrestling should definitely go to the USGWA (United States Girls Wrestling Association) website, or you can talk to me. If you want to learn some wrestling moves, I got um!! I really wish Seton Hill had a wrestling team as well, because I would definitely be a part of it!!

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