January 31, 2004

I'm OK.

So, yes the first couple of weeks at school were hectic, but everything did finally manage to get a little bit better. I really feel like a new person. Everything that has happened over the weeks has made me a stronger, more patient person.

The past couple of weeks I had a lot of trouble. My grade got screwed up, I got in a car wreck (refer to this link), I lost my student ID, I had to pay this school more money than I could afford, I got into a huge fight with my boyfriend, and I broke one of my bobble heads (OUCH-but it was just Brian Giles, and he doesn't play for the Pirates anymore-so I figured it was ok). I love talking to Stef because she really makes me feel better about myself. I sometimes feel down on myself and she helps cheer me up.

My boyfriend and I are ok (if your wondering). I love talking to him too because he makes me feel a lot better about myself as well (He gives me tons of compliments!!!-I LOVE IT!!!)

Well, the news of this story is that: I'M OK!! YEAH!!!

I think next semester I'm not going to live on this campus anymore. Life is too hectic when I'm at school ALL THE TIME. It drives me crazy sometimes.

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January 17, 2004

And I Might Add...Hectic First Week!

Sooo, I thought these things weren't supposed to happen to somebody in one week. I tell you, DRIVING SUCKS. The rest of the week was going great until Friday. Those were when the major driving problems happened.

So I was driving happily to go see my boyfriend, Jared, play his basketball game at South Allegheny. I wasn't in a rush or anything. Everything was ok. I was driving on Route 30 and was almost to his house to pick up his mom so that she could come with me. I was stopping at a red light behind some truck and when I was stopped, some car just went ~!BOOM!~ right into my backend. She must not have been paying attention obviously. I was sooo freaking mad!! No one was hurt THANK GOD, but I was so up tight and everything because of the loud crash. I got out and the lady asked me if I was ok. I said yeah and asked her if she was ok. She said yes. So everything was fine and dandy...except her car. I thought my car was going to be so messed up because right when I looked at hers, I was in shock. Her whole front end was destroyed. I looked at my bumper just to make sure that it was ok, and I couldn't see too many problems.

I called the police and an officer came to write up all of our information and tell us what to do. He told the lady to say there was ice on the road because thats what it looked like...and let me tell you, there wasn't ice on the road. I drove on the same side of the road as her and didn't crash into the man in front of me, so there couldn't have been ice. I didn't feel my car go over any ice either. So...whatever. I fully blame her for this accident. Lucky for me, my car didn't hit the car in front of me.

The lady wasn't too lucky. Her front end of her car was so smashed that it wasn't drivable. She had to get it towed. Lucky for me, I got to make it to Jared's basketball game (Yeah-they won!) I was so shakey though.

Yes, it was a hectic week, but I am very thankful to be alive another day. I have a message for all you drivers out there though. PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOUR DRIVING!!!!

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January 13, 2004

Hectic Day Back You Might Say

Well college started up again...and let me tell you, it was rough. So many things happened that just shouldn't happen in one day.

Well, for starters, everything was fine. I got to school unpacked Sunday and moved back in, ready to start a new semester. Everything was going fine until Monday, the first day classes started. I only had one class so that was great and I didn't spend more than 300 dollars on books this semester (I spent around 400 last semester ~yuck~), so I thought my first day was starting off good.

Turns out, I get done with my class and head to student acounts to find out if I owe anything to the college. Turns out I do, and I would need to get a work study job or just pay the cost upfront to cover it. Right now, I don't have the money to pay it upfront and don't have the time for a work study job. (I am getting a job at the Greensburg YMCA). So, at this point in time, I was frustrated.

Later on that night, I had a job interview at the YMCA and had to fill out an application. Yeah well that would have went well only if I wouldn't have got blocked in my parking spot. Some ass (excuse my language-but this pisses me off) parked right behind me in a parking spot that WASN'T EVEN THERE! I couldn't even get my car out. I kept trying but I would have hit the car behind me (the one parked illegally) or the car beside me. My only option was to pull out and go the wrong way in the parking lot. I finally got out-almost hitting the side of the car that was behind me-and a car that was driving through the parking lot told me, "Your going the wrong way!"

"YES I KNOW!," I said, "I couldn't get out the other way. That car blocked me in." So that was my night, and I made it to the YMCA after all. But when I got there, I had trouble finding a parking spot, but that wasn't as bad as getting blocked into a parking spot.

Geesh!!! First days are soooo hectic!!!

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January 09, 2004

My Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday!!! YEAH!!! Can you believe that I'm just turning 18? Yep, it's true. I'm a young college kid. But it's even cooler cause I get to graduate earlier! YEAH!!!

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January 01, 2004


Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope it was happy for all of you. See you when we go back to SHU. HAPPY BREAK!!!!

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