April 25, 2004

Were Movin' On Up

Hey everyone!!! Just wanted to let you know that my blog is up and running again. As you may have heard, Amy has promoted me Editor-in-Chief for next semester, and I want to be able to have many ways to communicate with the other editors and staff of the Setonian. Well, my blog is now another source of communication. I will keep it updated with meeting dates. If some of you would not be able to attend, it is simple, just write a comment saying that you cannot make it. I am very excited about the upcoming semester. I feel that we will be a great team next year!!! Due to a long week of Amy's training and help (which was not really hectic-I actually enjoyed it), I feel that I am ready to be your new editor. Congratulations to everyone who has also moved up!!! I am so proud of all of you and can't wait to work with you next year!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anne Stadler at 11:11 PM | Comments (2)