May 17, 2005

Graduation has stolen 7 of my very best friends...

Graduation for the seniors has arrived and, I have to admit, even though I was so very sad to watch them go, I was happy that they made it!!

I will miss every single one of them: Angie, Sarah, Amy, Emily, Lauren, Heather, and Ryanne. I am so proud of all of you!!

Congratulations Class of 2005!!! You are all awesome!!!

Here are some pictures...

Anne & Ryanne.jpg
Anne and Ryanne

Anne & Lauren.jpg
Anne and Lauren

Anne and Angie

Emily and Anne

Heather & Anne.jpg
Heather and Anne

Heather & Anne hug.jpg
I am going to miss you soooo much!

Sarah & Marty.jpg
Sarah and Marty--Awwww, how cute they are!!!

Sarah Anne & Amy_02.jpg
Exchanging contact information with Amy to keep in touch.

Sarah Anne & Amy.jpg
Sarah, Anne, and Amy

Emily & Ryanne.jpg
Emily and Ryanne--Yeah!! You made it!!!

Well, it's time to say good-bye...
but we will see each other again.
It feels good to know within my heart,
that we will always be friends.

Good luck to all of you!!!!!!!!!!

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May 06, 2005

Reflecting on a semester of media aesthetics

Here's the good stuff folks...

Architecture and the human body: how do they relate?: In this blog entry I discussed exactly what I have done for my presentation in class and how I am going to make my formal presentation topic much more narrow so I can really focus on that ideas that are involved.

Aesthetically Pleasing Environment: This consists of all my reflections on chapter 7 of the text Aesthetics of the Natural Environment. I really enjoyed this reading--I think it may have been because of the refrences to other people's ideas on aesthetics in the environment.

Buffy is tough stuff: Out of all the reading assignments handed out in class, this one was the best one in my opinion. I explained why it was my favorite and why it seems to fit so well with Johanna's topic for her research paper.

Media and the ideal body image: This was my reflection on Denishia's reading. I felt that this reading prepared me for what was to come in her presentation. I explain why in this blog entry.

Fan fiction and slash: I noted here (in this entry) that I have never known about fan fiction or slash until Johanna assigned this reading for us. Thanks, Johanna, for opening my eyes to something new.

Titanic undergoes evaluation: I reflected on Amanda's reading and noted that the beginning went very well with her topic. I really understood some new things about the Titanic that I have never known before.

Portfolio 1: This is from the first 1/3 of the semester.

Portfolio 2: This is from the middle of the semester.

Take a look if you're curious of the interesting topics we have discussed throughout this semester in media aesthetics.

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May 05, 2005

Titanic undergoes evaluation

The article "Textual memory: the making of the Titanic's literary archive" by Middleton and Woods, was extremely important to Amanda's topic. Even the wording in this text reminded me of how Amanda speaks--with the very large vocabulary and big words. This reading assignment pretty much explained what we were supposed to get from Amanda's presentation--and it was enjoyable to read as well. I learned a lot more about the movie than I ever have before.

Cameron's Titanic really did feel like it "put you there" and it was very realistic (especially when the boat started to sink. I really liked the comparison of the movie with the poem written by E.J. Pratt. I never knew there was a poem written about the Titanic (I'm going to have to read this now). It was interesting how Middleton and Woods state that the poem demonstrates "'tragic but grotesque' irony of the event is too strong a reminder of 'here' where textuality is at work." I thought this was a very powerful statement. I found it to be confusing that the poem wouldn't be realistic because of the tragic feel of it--I would think that would make it more realistic (I guess I have to read the poem to find out).

More towards the end of this essay, it starts to flow away from the media aesthetic topic and more towards research topics, such as on the "social and psychological mechanisms of memory." And then it goes into talking about history. This is not too on the media aesthetic topic that Amanda was going for, but the beginning had a huge impact and will give Amanda plenty of information for her paper.

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Fan fiction and slash

I have to admit that I did not like the Complexity of Desire: Janeway/Chakotay Fan Fiction reading as much as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not because it was based on Star Trek, but because there were so many things that I didn't understand, such as slash--and what exactly fan fiction is (I know--I live in a box sometimes). This article assumed that the reader knew pretty much everything about these subjects.

I did learn plenty of information from this reading though. I learned that the fans can make up relationships between characters that don't even exist (I also learned this from Johanna's presentation).

My favorite part of this reading, just because it is of interest to me (no--it's not the in detailed love scene--gosh you're gross to think that), is the part where it was mentioned that the "female sexual desire is objectified as 'how I need to look' rather than 'how I want to feel'." I found the information afterwards to be a very powerful statement at saying how Janeway breaks away from this--she is said to be "unconcerned with her own appearance."

Reading this section of this essay reminded me somewhat of Buffy. She doesn't care to much about her own appearance either, just defending her friends, family, and her town from demons.

I felt that these two readings were great to put together to prepare us for Johanna's presentation about Alias. All of these topics are related in some way, Buffy more than the fanfiction essay. I was glad Johanna brought this new information to my attention that I was unaware of before. So I just want to thank Johanna for the very educational and fun readings!

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May 04, 2005

Media and the ideal body image

I really enjoyed Denishia's assigned reading, only because it stated the facts on body image related to the media. I felt, after reading this, that maybe more people, especially teens (who seem to be the most impacted) should look into this website to see what they are truly getting themselves into.

I do agree with this article that people want to achieve the "ideal" body image--which is the image the media portrays. This reading states that only 1% of girls will have a "chance of being as thin as a supermodel." This is an extreme number. If only more people would look at these statistics, maybe they would not be so unhappy about how they look, and accept their body for how it is.

During the presentation, I felt that showing images from "I want a famous face" was necessary to this topic. People go through all of these surgeries only to become someone else and lose their own identity. I personally think this is absurd.

Denishia handed out this reading a few days before her presentation so we would be aware of the facts before she started. I liked this because she just went directly into her topic--assuming we read her assingment(which we did). Because I already knew many of these facts from previous knowledge, seeing the statistics were still shocking to me. I was happy that Denishia made us read this before presenting.

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May 01, 2005

Buffy is tough stuff

Wow! I really enjoyed reading Johanna's assignment for us. It had very strong points and I feel will really help Johanna with her paper. The reading was "Staking Her Claim: Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Transgressive Woman Warrior" by Frances H. Early.

The reason why I think I liked this so much is because I am really into anything that has a woman representing the powerful and strong characteristics. Not only does this show depict a female being able to kick butt, this passage also explains how some of the men cannot kick butt because they are afraid. I have never realized this before, and this author has done very great research in order to back up her claim.

My favorite quote in this passage was, "This movie was my response to all the horror movies I had ever seen where some girl walks into a dark room and gets killed. So I decided to make a movie where a blonde girl walks into a dark room and kicks butt instead" (13). This is so true. There are always women getting killed in movies, or women who try to find the male to protect them, but in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there are males running to her for protection. It gives the impression that females can be strong and powerful too--they don't always need a man for protection.

The only negative comment I have about this piece was while reading the line, "She fights hand-to-hand and is powerful like a man, but Buffy also has an acrobatic agility and grace that cannot be easily categorized as either conventionally masculine or feminine" (18-19). I don't like the statement how she "is powerful like a man." I understand that the author of this passage is trying to prove a point that a female can kick butt as well as a man, but a female can be powerful too. By the author saying that Buffy is powerful like a man, this gives the assumption that the author thinks all men are powerful. Meanwhile, there are many women out there that are more powerful than men. I think the author should have worded this more carefully than what she did.

I really enjoyed reading all of the examples this author gives from the series. "Angel comments that he is 'scared' to go against the Master of a particular family of demons, and soon thereafter Xander declares: 'Buffy's a superhero'." This is stating that Buffy isn't scared unlike Angel who is. I really thought that was a great example to include in this piece. This was a great observation by this author.

Early also had a great conclusion. I like how she tied all of her thoughts into the ending to make a very powerful statement. Ending on the powerful messages depicted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer really leaves the reader satified with the information contained in this passage.

Great job choosing a reading Johanna! I really enjoyed the message this article was sending!

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