Kilian Chapter 1

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I found this reading very helpful in my effort to try and understand the way the internet works. I thought the structure was very easy to follow and read. This is probably because it is in print format, not pages of an internet article. The author makes the point that it is easier to read text on paper than it is to sit and look at a far away computer screen. I guess I never really realized how much it hurt my eyes to try and read a lot of text on a webpage. Back to the structure, I found this piece intriguing (or should I say jolting) to read because of the numbering and big bolded titles.

One point that I found interesting that I have already refered to in the previous paragraph is the section on how computers give us jolts.

"High joltage websites will attract and hold more visitors than one providing few stimuli."

High joltage sites could consist of very interactive webpages, or something with color and eye catching features. However, people get different jolts from different things. So one site may jolt someone who likes many colors and music if that site contains many colors and music. But a person who may just want alot of interactive buttons and wants a consistant pattern of colors would not get the same jolt of excitement from the same site.

As for what kind of website attracts what kind of visitor, I think I fall under the Users category. I prefer little clutter in a website; one that is well-organized and will give me the information I am looking for in a straight forward manner. I don't want to have to go searching for my answer. This kind of structure is great when doing research on a topic for school or for just looking up a quick question.

I think I will like these readings because they provide more insight about simple things that I feel I should know, but actually don't really know....


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