I Killed James!

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Slouching Towards Bedlam was an intricate game. I found it rather difficult. With the knowledge I had going into it-from what we talked about in class and from reading reviews on it- I felt that this would be a game that I could enjoy, much like Galatea and other story-like IF games. It's not that I did not enjoy it, it just wasn't very satisfying. I got that frustrated, first time user, feeling when I played it. I usually have a problem with verb usage in every game that I've played so far but only in the beginning. I pick up on it quickly as the game starts rolling.

I didn't feel any rolling in this game. It was slow because you are limited to certain rooms around you and a carriage cab that I could not get to take me anywhere, or converse with the cab driver for that matter. I examined all the rooms that I walked to and found there was nothing really you could take for inventory. The only thing that I could make sense out of the story was the blurbs of words that the Dr. would think in his head kind of randomly. This helped me to figure out that he was in some kind of mental hospital and he is going crazy (and he does not like the cold). I guess he used to be a pretty smart guy who helped a lot of people but then became this person to be feared and constantly watched.

As the game progressed I decided to do something terrible to add some excitement. I killed Jame the nervous, weird, desk attendant. The character did so with a white paper ivory knife and it was a pretty descriptive act. Weirdly that was my favorite part. The Dr. didn't know what to do and a stroy kind of later came out of the killing. It hinted that maybe this wasn't the first time the Dr. had killed someone and he frantically wanted to get away but it appears he is kind of trapped in this hospital-as a player I felt that way too.

After the killing, the game kind of dropped off and ended. It gave me a long description of the aftermath of the killing and a little more history on the Dr. but I never really did find out his story or his seceret that was mentioned in the opening of the game. This kind of put me off, even after an hour of the game and I didn't really feel like playing anymore.

I'm not sure if I like this style of an IF game or if I like a more interactive one with more choices but now I think I have a better feel for the style.



Andy Lonigro said:

I too was frustrated by the game but I think it was only because I couldn't find the next logical step. Aja said she found a rod key and was able to go to another room. That would have definitely helped me but I couldn't find any keys.

What I did like about the game though was the literature. I think it is really interesting to try to put together the puzzle and figure out the storyline. Like you said, you think the Dr. was going crazy. I think so too and it's kind of cool to figure that out. But it was frustrating and I'd really like to hear what everyone else says about it in class.

Anne Williams said:

Andy you always see the good side! Good for you lol. But Yeah I'd like to see what everyone else says too.

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